Hello, here you can listen to my latest releases. Thank you for visiting !

Short Stories” is my first record with my trio. It was released on Igloo Records on 06/10/2017 and features 7 original compositions and 2 covers. With Mike Delaere on doublebass, and Toine Cnockaert on drums.

OPMOC” is the third album of my band “OPMOC“. I wrote all compositions, arrangements and some of the lyrics. With Jacob Miller on bass and vocals, Maxime Van Eerdewegh on drums, Antoine Lafontaine on trumpet, Bruno Borsu on alto saxophone, Creo Cristoria and Jeroen Capens on tenor saxophone.

Home Session” is a little recording we made with Gaspard Sicx on drums and Manolo Cabras on doublebass. It features 6 covers of mostly jazz repertoire.