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Welcome to the website of belgian pianist and composer Martin Salemi. Here you can find tour dates, pictures, videos, full discography and music. Thank you for visiting !

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Martin Salemi was born in Brussels in 1988. His parents are both artists. His father, who plays the guitar, initiated him to music at a very early age. He started learning the piano aged six and, in 2013, completed his jazz piano master’s degree with distinction at the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel.

Martin is interested in all types of music and in various piano styles and, in addition to jazz piano, he has had the opportunity to experience classical as well as salsa, funk, pop and rock music.
Very early on, in addition to his instrumental work, he developed an interest for composition. He started recording albums very young – first cassettes, then CDs – which he shared with family and friends.

Martin is currently involved in two personal projects. OPMOC, who have already recorded three albums and have toured internationally several times, and the Martin Salemi Trio, who released their first album in 2017 under the Igloo Records label.

In 2018, Martin won the B-Jazz International Award with the Martin Salemi Trio.

«  I really can’t praise this album highly enough. If the reader gets the feeling from the above review that I didn’t quite describe Salemi’s playing in enough detail, it is only because there is so much detail that it’s better to just listen and not analyze too much. Get it! »
(Lynn René Bayley, Artmusiclounge, about “Short Stories” IGLOO Records)

« Het spel van Salemi is echter van zulk hoog niveau, zowel emotievol als speltechnisch, en de samenwerking tussen hem en de ritmesectie zo fijn, dat dit trio net zo gemakkelijk tussen al die vernieuwende Belgische bands internationaal grote indruk kan maken. »
(Dick Hovenga – WrittenInMusic)

«  Ca fait du bien d’écouter un album de jazz contemporain qui ne cherche pas à tout prix des sonorités inouïes […] La musique est fraîche, joyeuse, dansante »
(Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Le Mad)

«  Van begin tot einde zuiver akoestisch zonder electronics en toch klopte het plaatje. Respect! »
(Georges Tonla Briquet, Jazz’ Halo)

« Les compositions du leader sont toutes délectables. Non seulement, elles ont du caractère mais, ni démonstratives ni appliquées, elles sont aussi mémorables par leur côté mélodieux »
(Pierre Dulieu, Dragonjazz)

«  Voici à coup sûr la belle surprise jazz de la rentrée […] Fragrances variées et complètement assumées […] qui révèle un doigté subtil et volubile à la fois »
(Jean-Pierre Goffin, Vers L’Avenir)

«  Martin Salemi est un bel exemple de ce que peut être le jazz aujourd’hui: une musique qui se nourrit de toutes les musiques, libérée de ses carcans d’autrefois. »
(Laurent Graulus, Musiq3)

«  Le jeu est soyeux et chaleureux. Entre la contrebasse qui bat le temps en s’offrant quelques libertés et la batterie qui susurre le tempo, la complicité est parfaite.
(Jacques Prouvost – Jazzques)

«  On est très loin d’un jazz cérébral et hermétique […] Ce sont des mélodies qui accrochent tout de suite, sans tomber non plus dans la facilité. C’est délicat, ça swingue, tout en finesse […] absolument remarquable. »
(Xavier Vanbuggenhout, La Première)

« … There’s nothing cryptic about his superb playing…»
(Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman)

Next Concerts

Here you can find my upcoming tour dates. Hope to see you there!

More infos about timing, line-up and a list of past concerts on the concert page.

  • 21/03/2020 – FlexibleL’Allumette – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 24/03/2020 – Martin Salemi Quartet Hot Club Gent – Gent, Belgium cancelled
  • 25/03/2020 – Arnaud Guichard QuintetSounds – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 27/03/2020 – Gaëtan Casteels Trio L’Aube Sur Ay – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 31/03/2020 – Alexandre Hessabi Quartet + Jam SessionThe Music Village – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 04/04/2020 – Otto Kintet VK – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 08/04/2020 – Arnaud Guichard QuartetSounds – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 12/04/2020 – Théo Zipper Quartet – Pastorius/Hancock TributeThe Music Village – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 29/05/2020 – Stéphanie Bertrand TrioFlamingo – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 30/05/2020 – Stéphanie Bertrand QuartetCafé des Minimes – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 31/05/2020 – Martin Salemi TrioLe Cercle Des Voyageurs – Brussels, Belgium cancelled
  • 16/06/2020 – Martin Salemi Quartet + Jam SessionThe Music Village – Brussels, Belgium cancelled


New transcription ! Another beautiful solo from Aaron Parks, here on You & The Night & The Music 🎹 part 1 .
Love his phrasing, timing, sense of dynamics... so organic 😍
From the album « Groovements » with Thomas Fonnesbæk and Karsten Bagge
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Waiting my Skype students like ...

Found a new little groove with my clavinet today and got stuck with it 🤓 🎹 playing the D6 pimped with the @vintagevibe preamp running through a Maestro phaseshifter 😋👌🤖 ...

Can you guess the song ? 🤓🦆
Just playing around with my original QTron 😎
So anyway, since a few people asked me about my settings :
Not so easy to find the sweet spot on this big pedal but I think the trick for me is to control it with the volume of your instrument, not with the gain knob of the pedal like we tend to do. I found this by myself after years of research and experimentation 🔬😂 Here’s how to do it:
• Put the volume of your instrument off
• Put the boost switch ON
• Put the gain knob to the MAX
(be careful as it is REALLY loud now)
• Mode : LP, range : Low
• Adjust the peak to your liking, e.g. between 5 and 6
• Now turn the volume of your instrument up, until you can achieve the quack desired with your loudest notes.
• Done! 🤟
• With great power comes great responsibility
Anyway dm me for QTron Skype lessons 🤣

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@masdonkey added vocals, drums and squirrels to my clavinet video ! 😂 just what it needed 🤣 that’s so cool ! 👌👍🤘🐿 ...

Telling the kids about Charlie Parker  via Skype 👌yeah ! He’s transcribing his first Bird solo ! Slowing it down and everything like the cool cats 😋👍
#proud #teacher #transcription #bluesforalice #charlieparker

Telling the kids about Charlie Parker via Skype 👌yeah ! He’s transcribing his first Bird solo ! Slowing it down and everything like the cool cats 😋👍
#proud #teacher #transcription #bluesforalice #charlieparker

Throwback to a thing I did two years ago that I like... it’s a tune I wrote for my band Opmoc and it’s called “it’s been so long”. I tried to make a video for it, and while looking for public domain footage I stumbled upon this video of "Agon" by Balanchine and Stravinsky, danced by Arthur Mitchell and Suzanne Farrell, soloists in the New York City Ballet. « People were famously shocked to see a black man dancing with a white woman and this ballet created in 1957 was forbidden on TV until 1968 ... » I didn’t know this story until now, thanks to @kyliancampbell 🙏 for informing me ! And so with editing the speed of the video in adobe premiere I tried to make them dance to my music. I think the result is quite cute, I hope I didn’t broke too many copyrights law and didn’t offend anyone, if so please let me know ! if you want to check it it’s on YouTube, link in bio 🙂 ...

@nilshilhorst soloing over the last beat I made ! 👻 alright that’s so cool ! Super nice solo 💪💪 #repost @nilshilhorst
Got inspired by this great beat by @salemimartin !
#synthjazz #line6hxstomp

Making little beats with my keys to kill time 🎹 I called this one “spooky” 👻 what do you think? Maybe it’s the sound of Prophet’08 that makes me think of a ghost or a alien I don’t know 👽 ...


Short Stories” is my first record with my trio. It was released on Igloo Records on 06/10/2017 and features 7 original compositions and 2 covers. With Mike Delaere on doublebass, and Toine Cnockaert on drums.

OPMOC” is the third album of my band “OPMOC“. I wrote all compositions, arrangements and some of the lyrics. With Jacob Miller on bass and vocals, Maxime Van Eerdewegh on drums, Antoine Lafontaine on trumpet, Bruno Borsu on alto saxophone, Creo Cristoria and Jeroen Capens on tenor saxophone.

Home Session” is a little recording we made with Gaspard Sicx on drums and Manolo Cabras on doublebass. It features 6 covers of mostly jazz repertoire.


Here are all the videos made with my music.

Video editing is one of my hobbies and some of these music videos I have made myself. Hope you enjoy!

Doubt is a music I composed for a full-length documentary about Brussels.

Unsaid is a music video I made for my band OPMOC.
Music and words are also written by me.

It’s Been So Long is a music video I made with old footage I found on internet.
Music and words are also written by me.

Half The Man I Used To Be is a music video I made, with the help of Vincent Blairon.
Music and words are also written by me.

Disco Monkey is a music video I made with old footage I found on internet.
Music is written by Jacob Miller and me.

My Baby At Home is a music video I made for my band OPMOC.
Music and words are also written by me.

Lennie’s Pennies is a music video I made with an old movie I found on internet.

Regina is a music video made by Vincent Blairon and Augustin Polet from Les Frêres Jambons Production.

Everyday (I Wanna Make Love To You) is a music video made by Vincent Blairon.
Music is written by me, words are written by Jacob Miller and me.

Red Beans is a music video made by Vincent Blairon.
Music and words are written by me.

No Borders is a full concert with a lot of surprises, made by Vincent Blairon and Augustin Polet from Les Frêres Jambon Production.



As a leader :

OPMOC – (ep) (2010)

OPMOCJourneys (autoproduction – 2012)

Nous Etions Ailleurs(ep) (2014)

Martin et Otto(ep) (2014)

OPMOCNo Borders (autoproduction – 2015)

Funkarium(ep) (2015)

Martin Salemi TrioUnsaid (2015)

OPMOCOPMOC (autoproduction – 2017)

Martin Salemi TrioShort Stories (Igloo Records – 2017)

As a sideman/co-leader :

30 de FebreroSalsa Belga (2013)

SwingoboxLive à la Jazz Station (2015)

What Standards – (ep) (2016)

Quintessence Big Band – (ep) (2016)

Otto KintetOtto Kintet (2016)

Salemi/Cabras/Sicx – Home Session (2018)

Otto KintetGloed (2018)

In soundtrack music :

Boite B” – Babel – theater (2002)

Mosk” – Théâtre de l’étoile – theater (2006)

Ne Pas Toucher” – Vincent Blairon – short movie (2010)

Le Passeur” – Cie Domya, directed by Martin Goossens – theater (2014)

“100% Bruxelles” – Rimini Protokoll, produced by Kunstenfestivaldesarts – theater (2014)

D’un palace un taudis” – Vincent Blairon – short movie ( 2018)

2h14” – Cie La P’tite Canaille, directed by Manon Coppée – theater (2018)

Simon Pleure” – Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento – short movie (2018)

“Bruxelles-Brussel, Une Traversée Urbaine” – Luc Jabon – documentary (2019)

“Mon P’tit Coco” – Cie La Berlue/Cie l’Anneau, directed by Ariane Buhbinder – theater (2019)